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My younger sister who was born in 1999 asked me if she was to be considered as a 90's child. But I didn't know how to respond based upon how technically some of the 90's era things didn't actually end until somewhere in the early 2000's which she lived through as a child and was exposed to some of the stuff that I was exposed to but not as much. But I still don't know how to respond... would you say she is one or not? (I kinda think shes more on the 2000's side). Thank you for your time. xxx


She’s a 90s Fetus, anyone born from Jan 1, 1998 to Dec 31st, 1999. Their fetuses experienced pure 90s energy sonically through the power of vibration while they developed as fetuses. Your sister was a 90s fetus… #90sfetus #90ssonar #90svibration #pure90senergy

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